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Seagull slide, Tawas City, MI


He put her in a pumpkin shell, And there he kept her very well.


Missing someone causes insomnia. The frustration of being without that person keeps you awake at night.


A real definition of marriage

I’ve been confronted a lot this past week for wearing my faggot vest and I just felt like writing something about the vest itself. Inspired by David Wojnarowicz’s AIDS jacket I made and started wearing this patch when I lived in Peterborough, Ontario. It was my response to the increasing hostility and homophobia I was recieving from the straight men there. I took this loaded word that they had claimed as an insult against queers and rescued its power. The change in street harassment was almost unbelievable.
I wear it now for visibility, reclaiming public spaces, and choosing not to express my pride as a queer through subtle rainbow wrist bands and other heterosexuality-accepted cliché rainbow merch. I wear it as a resistance, as a filter, as a voice, as an example, as a memory, as a fuck you, as a fuck me, as a ‘remember?’, as a ‘What are you going to do about it?’, as a ‘you’re not the only faggot here don’t worry’, Above all else and most importantly for me it is about queer visibility.
I am not the first faggot to put bolds words on black jackets and I will not be the last. This vest is not one of a kind nor would I want it to be. This vest is not revolutionary. It’s nothing more than a reclaimed word on the back of a vest. There is no reverence to pay and no respect I have earned simply by wearing it. This vest is privilege. Being white/able bodied/cis male passing and being able to wear this everywhere I go in the world is an unintentional display of my privilege. Not being affraid to wear this vest, not having people verbally harass me as I walk by wearing this vest, and not being confronted in a physically violent way everytime I wear this vest is a result of these privileges.
As far as whether it is appropriate for young children to see I don’t really care. If anything parents should use it to teach their children about harassment, homophobia, privilege, violent words, and self worth.
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